Guide to Using Your Zumio

“Studies show that 100% of clitorises don’t know why you’re having such a hard time finding them.”

“Studies show that 100% of clitorises don’t know why you’re having such a hard time finding them.”

Enjoy Clitoral Stimulation?

Our step-by-step guide will teach you how to use your Zumio to explore your pleasure hot spots.


We can all agree that each of us is remarkably different from one another. These variations in shape, size, color, and personality are what makes each of us remarkable. Everyone is unique in more ways that we often account for. This is the same when it comes to our sexualities, preferences for pleasure, and genitals.

Not only do vulvas vary in their shape, but the way that each individual experiences sensation can be radically different. Levels of sensitivity vary, as well as the most pleasurable spots on the clitoris, vulva, and vagina.

To understand more about this topic, Zumio reached out to one of the world’s foremost sex experts, Kenneth Play for input. We hope you enjoy his advice!


The Vulva Nerve Network


Finding Your Pleasure Hot Spots

Not only do we each have a different brain that processes sensation differently, but the actual nerve density at different locations in the genitals varies as much as fourteen times from one individual to the next.

You can imagine the ends of nerves as tree branches.

Everyone’s branches will have different density in different locations, as well as slightly different branching. This means that certain areas, like the clitoris and the head of the penis, feel sensitive to almost everyone, but within these sensitive areas, we each have preferences on the most pleasurable kind of touch, due to this variation in genital neuroanatomy. 

In other words, some women will enjoy stimulation more on the left side of the clitoris, others on the right. Some will like to be touched higher up on the clitoral shaft, and others lower.

 Some will enjoy touch more when it is done over the clitoral hood, while others will like direct touch on the exposed glans of the clit. This is because of the variation in nerve density and layout! The most sensitive areas are where the densest nerve clusters are!


Image: Vulva Nerve Networks

Pleasure Mapping

In order to get to know what works best for you, you’ll need to explore and find out where your unique spots are, as well as what kind of pressure and intensity you like where. I call this process pleasure mapping.

The Zumio is excellent at pinpointing where your unique sweet spots are because of its small head and ability to provide a range of stimulation, from subtle to intense! It’s a perfect companion on your pleasure mapping journey.

After you get to know your personal preferences, you can communicate even better with your partner, so that they can touch you in ways that are more pleasurable for you. It will give you the ability to help guide your partner to guide you to new heights

How does the Zumio work?

The Zumio has a tiny head that rotates instead of vibrates. It delivers all the power of a Hitachi magic wand in a head the size of a grain of rice.

As The New York Times put it; “This toy’s oscillating stem is the best thing we’ve found for focusing on the most sensitive parts of the vulva and clitoris.”

The image below shows the starting position to begin your Zumio pleasure journey.

Image: Where to place your Zumio

Step-by-Step Visual Guide

How to use your Zumio.

Mirror Exploration

Use a handheld mirror to see exactly what you’re doing, and take mental notes of what works, so you can develop a mental map of where your most pleasurable zones lie.

Mirror Exploration - Click to View

Different Grips

One way to hold the Zumio is to squeeze your thumb and your middle finger around it and place your index finger onto the intensity button, so you can easily adjust the setting. You can also hold it like a hairbrush, gripping the stem, with your thumb on the intensity button.

Different Grips - Click to View

The Perfect Tease

Lay the Zumio stem and head so that the entire stem and head is in contact with the outer lips (labia majora), and slowly move the Zumio around the outer lips, around and over the mons pubis and down the other side. See what feels good here. Pro tip: Most new users go straight to the clit, which is usually too sensitive at this point without sufficient warm-up. Instead, tease yourself until you can’t take it anymore.

Explore the inner lips in the same manner. Maybe start on the edges where the inner and outer lips meet, and work your way in, using the same kinds of explorative motions to see where you enjoy touch the most.

Tease #1 - Click to View
Tease #2 - Click to View

Clit Warm-Up

Now starting with the tip about 1.5 inches lower than your clit, position the stem against the side of the clitoral hood, and slowly slide the tip up to find the right amount of intensity. The stem provides the least intense stimulation, and it is a good way to introduce stimulation to the clit in a way that is gradual.

Clit Warm-Up - Click to View

Tease The Shaft

Using the head, explore the shaft of your clitoris. This is the part that is underneath your clitoral hood that can be felt when the clitoris is erect.

Shaft Tease - Click to View

Calibrate Pressure

Another smart feature of the Zumio is that if you press the head hard down towards your body, it will stop the rotation but continue to pulse. As you slowly lift it up, it will get more intense as it has space to move. So, to see how much intensity, you like, press down and slowly lift up, stopping at your preferred level of sensation.

Add Pressure - Click to View

Pull Back the Hood

Reach down with your index and middle finger on either side of the clit and spread your fingers while pressing down, and then pull back. This will fully expose the clit.

Open Hood - Click to View

Clit Sandwich

Squeeze both outer and inner lips between your index and middle finger to make a lip sandwich, with the head of the Zumio running along your outer lip. The sensation will transfer from the outer lip all the way through to the clit. For more sensitive clits, this is a great way to decrease the intensity. You could also run the Zumio along the line between your finger and outer lip so that your finger absorbs some of the sensation from the Zumio. This is an even gentler version of the same technique.

Option #1 - Click to View
Option #2 - Click to View

Right on the Button

With your hood pulled back, you can press the stem directly onto the clitoris, and then move the toy upwards until the Zumio directly hits the clit.

Press Button - Click to View

Multiple Orgasms

Pro tip: Have one orgasm with the highest amount of intensity. Immediately after the orgasm, press the toy down until it stops rotating. As soon as you’re ready for another, lift the tip up slightly and get ready for the next back-to-back orgasm. You can also move to the other side of the clit for the second orgasm, which often helps the second one come easier!

Tip #1 - Click to View
Tip # 2 - Click to View
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